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M2 offer a comprehensive range of consumer units and short circuit protective devices for the domestic market that have many features to aid the installation. The dual screw main switch isolator offer unrivalled performance for meter tails connections, whilst the unique bus bar system provide quick and easy installation of devices. In addition, our extensive range of compact RCBO devices now feature a 45 Amp rated device. At M2, it is a matter of safety and our product features and benefits have been developed following research carried out by leading industry bodies. Our commitment to change has been a deciding factor for many esteemed housing associations to choose M2 as their primary switchgear manufacturer. Modular design enables the installer to provide solutions to suit exact customer requirements with maximum flexibility. Small details of providing screw head fixing covers and flushed in neons to enable easy cleaning separate the M2 range from others in the category. Added to the full range of voice, data and media products M2 presents a comprehensive range for the modern living and the working environment.

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Design Facilities

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Testing Facilities

Our central based design team in the UK has over 25 years experience, utilising the latest in 3D computer aided design software to achieve innovative & patented products.

The M2 design team have invested in 3D printing technology. This is now used to trial new designs to ensure they meet the standards required. Once a computer aided design is created, models can be produced within hours.

A switch/socket endurance fixture is used for new products as well as routine testing from stock to ensure continuing compliance.
RCDs & RCBOs undergo 100% electronic testing and are assigned a unique code for complete traceability.

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Bespoke Products

M2 offer a large range of custom designed, bespoke distribution boards and consumer units. Ensure your customer’s exact requirements are met with a completely bespoke solution.

M2 Arc Fault Detection Devices

M2 has introduced it’s AFR range of combined arc fault detection devices (AFDDs) with integral short circuit, overload and earth leakage protection (RCBOs) offering complete circuit protection. And, whether you’re adding to an installation or installing a new unit, the AFR device is compatible with the existing busbar system saving you time and money on site.

25 Years Guarantee
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